Latest news from NetAllied Systems.


Beta launch for UberPlugin


The UberEngine for Unreal plugin is available now! Find more information at


Unreal Engine Build: München '19 for Automotive


Together with our friends from Daimler Protics we showcased our UberEngine for Unreal solution on stage. Please find the corresponding video at


Industry Applied Game Technology


Get a sneak peek into a blend of Gaming and Industrial use cases. Daimler and NetAllied will be presenting implementation details and benefits at the Industry Applied Game Technology event on 27th June 2018, too.


Prostep ivip JT Day


Meet us at this year's JT Day being held at the R&D Campus at BOSCH, Renningen.

For the 3rd time the prostep ivip association is inviting to the JT Day: After the successful events 2015 in Darmstadt and 2016 in Regensburg, the new R&D Campus of BOSCH in Renningen will become the cross-industry meeting place for the JT community.

The JT Day will give you an excellent understanding of the importance of JT as an industry-oriented, powerful, flexible and lightweight data format for the display and reuse of product-describing 3D data and will also provide information on the deployment of JT as a multi-disciplinary 3D-backbone for the digital enterprise.  

You can expect keynotes and expert presentations about digitization and JT from automotive, aerospace and other industries with top-level speakers from companies such as BOSCH and BMW. The novelty this year is an integrated storyboard with live demonstrations of JT-supported process chains – from requirements specification through design in context, interoperability and validation to additive manufacturing and mixed reality.


EDM PDM Forum Daimler

DMU4All was successfully presented to a broad audience at Daimler's 12th EDM PDM Forum. Integrated into their Holodeck using stunning game engine technologies, it was a huge success!


JT IAP ed2

Using the ProSTEP iViP Recommendation for the JT Industrial Application Package Edition 2 further compression and performance for 3D data sets can be achieved.

NetAllied is one of the very first vendors to actively support reading and writing of the recent ProSTEP recommendation. Using the new file format, the Boeing 777 was compressed by another thirty percent compared to the initial JT 9.5 version.

As of today, support for the new format is available to all our applications.